Educational Assistants


General Education EA's

Educational Assistants

Katy Coleman, Brady Adair, Jennifer Kennedy, Karen Hull (not pictured)


Our Gen Ed EA Team works with each grade level to assist with clerical work, small groups and more!  They also are the superheroes who manage lunch and recess each day.  So grateful for the hard work these amazing folks do to help support Eagle Ridge every day.

Special Needs EA's

(Picture coming soon)

Debbie Friel, Rani Yelgalwar

Our Special Needs EA's work 1:1 with students with special needs in our classrooms.


Affective Needs EA's

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Corey Herman, Shirley Marrone, Kelley Neiberlein, Payal Srivistava, Karen Kitto (LT Sub)

Our Affective Needs EA's work in our Affective Needs classroom, assisting lead teacher Elizabeth Daly.



(Picture coming soon)

Katy Dennison, Santi Gonzales, Megha Mathur, Krista Schibler, Donna Tudehope

Our SSN EA's work in our SSN classroom, assisting lead teacher Lisa Herman.